Instrumentation solutions
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It's a specialized solution that helps you better measure automotive functional testing.

Major Business
  • vehicle test

  • Data analysis

  • air-conditioning

  • engineering service

  • Equipment calibration

  • Instrumentation

product Select
42 channel multi-channel input: volt, temperature, current, frequency

8 channels: V, mA selectable for each input

8 sensor excitations (bipolar ±15 V, up to ±45 mA)

32 channel thermocouple inputs type K (NiCr/NiAl)

2 channel universal counter module with sensor excitation

2 sensor excitations (unipolar 15 V, up to ±60 mA)

Measurement data output to CAN

Galvanic isolation (inputs, CAN, supply, enclosure)

Kompakte und robuste Geräte für extreme Anforderungen